It’s Your World, Your Future, and It’s Our Pleasure to Serve You

If you’ve been on the Horihan Insurance Web site recently, you may have noticed a pretty significant change. It’s merely cosmetic, of course. We’re still the same people you’ve entrusted your insurance coverage to, and that coverage is the same as you’ve come to expect from us.

One thing that may stand out though, is the slogan on the new-look page, front and center:

“Protecting Your World, Simplifying Your Future.”

So, let’s talk about that a bit.

When we say “Protecting your world” we are under no misapprehension that we are doing anything bigger than what it is. It’s insurance, not a movie set in the Marvel Universe. We’ve provided you with a policy of financial backing in the event of misfortune. We’re not in the business of saving the world. There are others who could be more accurately said to be doing that.

But at the same time, we know that the things on which we provide coverage ARE “the world” to you. It’s your world, and it’s okay for you to be laser-focused on, and assign the utmost significant to, the things that make up “your world.” They are the things you’ve built your dreams on. Your insurance policy is supposed to protect that little microcosm of the world for you.

When we say “Simplifying your future,” we are under no delusion that we can foretell the future any more accurately than you can. But no matter what is in store, it all becomes much clearer, much simpler, when it isn’t clouded by what-ifs. When the world is at all rational, “ifs” are followed by a “then.” An insurance policy written by your local Horihan agent says if you have problem “x” then “z” will be the solution. 

We avoid using “y”. Too philosophical.

When insured through Horihan, we strive to simplify things as much as possible. We can’t solve every problem, which is why we always want you to be as involved and invested in your insurance coverage as you can be. It is, after all, your world, your future we’re talking about. We’re here to guide and advise you and provide the best possible coverage available to meet your needs as you see fit.

So here’s to your future!

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