A Changing of Seasons

Seasons come and go so fast. You might have noticed. And each change from one to another comes with its own unique challenges which require our utmost preparedness. And preparedness requires foresight. You don’t have to be psychic. You just have to think ahead. If you’ve lived in any region for too many years, you have a pretty good idea of how much snow you can expect in the winter, how much it rains in the spring, how hot it gets in the summer. Or at least an average.

(Has it ever occurred to you how mellow fall is compared to the other three? What is the extreme associated with fall? Dangerous leaf pile-up?)

Anyway, you know what to expect. Each season can be a little unpredictable, but you have an idea. And you know what kinds of activities are associated with each of those months and how the above-mentioned conditions can intermingle with them, so you know how to prepare to go about your everyday life, and the leisure activities those seasons allow for.

It’s spring now so you’ve likely prepared for the wet and soggy aspect of the season a while ago. Next up on the docket is summer. Equipped with the knowledge of what is likely to come this summer, come speak with your nearest Horihan Insurance agent about how you can be best prepared…

For things like:

Travel insurance – Summer is vacation season, after all, so this is the big one. Things don’t always go as anticipated on vacation. Injury, theft, etc. And things don’t always go as planned on the way to or from vacation either. Flight delays, for example, are not just a winter phenomenon. Flight cancellations, lost luggage and the like are year-round hassles travelers face.

Increased amount of driving overall – Especially younger drivers out of school and spending more time on the road is a double-edged sword. It’s a good time for them to increase their driving experience under a variety of conditions. But until they get that experience, they can be a liability. There are more car accidents on average during the summer than there are during the winter.

Summer weather – As alluded to in the opening of this blog post, you can’t control the weather. In this season’s case, tornadoes, hail, floods, etc. But you can minimize the lasting damage these conditions can do, and the kibosh they would otherwise put on your plans for the near future. If you’ve already done your due diligence leading into spring, you will have already gotten this one covered.

Parties – Family reunions, graduation parties, weddings and other gatherings with friends and family – summer is the prime time for all of these. Whether they take place on your property or someone else’s, there are plenty of opportunities for claim-worthy incidents during these gatherings. Before those big days come, be sure you’ve got the proper coverage and the appropriate understanding of the coverage you have.

Campfires and Fireworks – A sub-category of the above, on and around Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and for any reason in between, people are gathering around campfires and setting off fireworks during the summer. Injuries, fires – the unwanted ones outside of the firepit – and other minor property damage are all common secondary fallout while letting these good times roll.

Swimming, boating, waterskiing etc. – Summer is the time to be on and in a cool body of water. If you own a boat, you must think of it like owning any other vehicle that needs to be insured. And your passengers are just like any passengers in your other vehicles, and other boaters are just like any other driver you may cross paths with on the road. If you own a pool, you are responsible for those enjoying a dip therein.  

General increase of outdoor physical activity – Sure, on average, slightly more injurious accidents occur at home. But summer, as shown above, gives such a variety of ways for accidents to occur when out and about. Especially considering the above-average amount of time spent outside during these months.

Keeping all of this in mind when making your insurance plans for the season, though, you’ll be off and running, ready for another memorable summer, and for all the best reasons. Of course, don’t have so much fun that you forget to plan ahead for fall at some point. It may be mellow, but again, if you’ve lived here long enough you may know that no season is to be underestimated. And again, it’s just a matter of preparation. Let’s talk it over.

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