When You Find Yourself Out Driving in the Cold November Rain.

We are getting right into the thick of that most unpredictable of seasons. The late fall/not quite winter season wherein it may rain, it may snow, it may even sleet. Or snain. (Look it up, it’s a thing.) The surface of the road may be merely wet or it may be an ice rink. And you won’t know which it is until you’re driving on it. So it’s a time for extra caution behind the wheel.

It’s an odd time of year, to be sure. Odd enough that “November rain” was the title and subject of a song by Guns N Roses. But like the song says, “nothing lasts forever, even cold November rain.” Soon it’ll be snowing, which brings with it its own brand of fun for drivers. At least when it’s full-on winter you’re a little more likely to know what you’re getting.

With all of that to look forward to, it’s time to get new tires if they are anywhere near needing replacement. Wet and icy roads make even tires that are just beginning to go bald much more of a liability than they otherwise would be. Might as well get ahead of that situation.

It’s time to decrease your regular speed. Don’t make yourself a hazard to other drivers by doing so, of course. But maybe others will follow suit and you’ll start a trend. If nothing else, it’s a time to make a habit of increasing your following distance behind the cars ahead of you.

It’s time to accelerate and decelerate more slowly than normal. If you have not gotten those bald(ing) tires replaced, then remember quicker acceleration or deceleration are more likely to lead to spinouts on wet and icy roads.

And it’s time to be much more observant of the current weather conditions and forecast. Granted, local meteorologists don’t always have that whittled down to a fine point for us, but it’s the best guide we can go by. And this is a time to really trust what we can see with our own eyes. If it looks slippery, it very well may be. Err on the side of caution, within reason.

And always, always remember to steer into the skid, should there be one.

Having said that, there is just one more thing to consider: Can you imagine Guns N Roses frontman Axl Rose as an insurance agent? Or the guitarist, Slash, for heavens sake?! Nah, better to stick with the experienced agents at Horihan Insurance. We’re dependable. And we’re predictable. In the good way. Far removed from the volatile rock and roll lifestyle. And very unlike the weather in November.

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